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Our company, of course, striving to always stay on top of the consumers’ needs could not disregard this change. Motivated by this new state of affairs on a local as well as international level, our company decided to pursue and of course obtain the DIO agency’s (Organization for the control & certification of organically produced products) certification and has consequently began a conscious effort of buying and distributing organically produced products. Our organic product range is constantly expanding, adding on items from all product categories of fruits and vegetables.

The product packaging and storage is handled by specialized personnel in compliance with all conditions necessary to ensure the quality of the products, the safety of the end - consumer as well as the environmental friendliness of the entire process.


Great care and attention is paid to the production process of our Organic Products, starting from the moment the organic produce is delivered to us, in our company’s green colored packaging (in order to avoid any mix-ups with conventionally grown products).

The storage process that ensues, again in a separate chamber with a specific and distinct labeling, serves the same reason. The standardization is carried out in brand new equipment, located in a different location, away from the conventional products, in order to avoid any contamination. Finally, the packaging is customized according to each client’s specific needs.


Since its inception, the main goal of Chryssikos K. SA has been to correctly identify and immediately satisfy the various needs of each of its clients and consequently those of the consumers as well.

The consumers’ turn to organic products on an international level has gone from being a trend to becoming a reality. The public’s constantly increasing awareness on environmental issues has led to a strong shift in consumer preference towards organic produce and is quickly turning into a way of life.

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